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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

PAIN! And, 100 things about me

This morning, I am taking a phrase from T's Take It's from his posting today as a matter of fact. It just was exactly how I am feeling today.

Phrase; If your body was a car, you wouldn't buy it.
Why? Because maintenance is a bitch.

Boy, is it a BITCH!!! $#%&^&*^%$)(*&^$@!# ( as many swear words, as I couldn't think of ) I woke up this morning at 4:45 AM (only 15 minutes earlier then normal) with a peircing scream of pain. As the left side of my neck, down my shoulder and arm went into a full blown spasm, that is STILL hurting me, whenever I, ohhhh, move, breathe, pick up the phone, sit, lie down, and stand. First off, I know I am a real wuss, when it comes to pain. With an extremely low threshold for it. I am of the mindset, that we live in the new milleneum, if there's a pain, there's a pill for it. ( Speaking of that, I could sure use one of your percocets right now AK)

But instead, I just popped a 500mg Tyleonol, after also taking 600mg of Ibuprofen an hour ago. But still it keeps seizing up. I am sure sitting at this computer isn't helping matters, so this post will probably take me 3 hours to get thru, since I keep needing to change positions. (The laundry didn't need done that bad, or the vacuuming, or the beds made.) This is more important anyway, right? Well, much more fun anyway.

So here I sit, with my "neck buddy" draped over my shoulder...trying to type in between spastic pains. I won't be working on enhancing this blog today. That would actually take a clear head, on a feel good day, and still I would probably fail at it. Have I generated any sympathy yet? That's all right; I know I just haven't found the right pill combination, I'll keep working on it..... Added a flexeril (muscle relaxer) to the mix...we'll see how that works!

So now on to somthing that should be fairly easy to do. Instead of trying to describe somthing, tell a story, or what have you; I'll stick to facts. Based on self perceptions that is. So without further delay;

100 Things About ME (In no specific order)

1. I am married to a newspaper man.
2. We have been married 2 yrs.
3. He is 15 yrs older then me.
4. Which makes me feel young, no matter what age I am!
5. I have 3 children
6. Two boys; ages 20 and 9
7. One girl, age 11
8. I have been married 3 times (3rd times a charm)
9. Friendships are very important to me.
10. I worked in a hospital pharmacy for 10 yrs as a tech.
11. I was born in Bakersfield CA
12. Mainly raised in WA state
13. My parents were married on my dad's 17th Birthday, just following my mom's 16th Birthday.
14. My mother is an RN at a drug rehab hospital.
15. I am the daughter of an authentic Redneck Cowboy (who also happened to be a truck driver)
16. I owned a Reg. Thoroughbred horse, named Caper.
17. He got fat & lazy, I got fat & pregnant, I sold him.
18. Got thin and in shape, wish I hadn't sold him.
19. Taken ballet off and on for yrs (no, not that good)
20. Love to watch the ballet as well.
21. I have a 3" tattoo of a rose blossom, on the top of my right ass cheek.
22. My husband has my name and a long stem rose tattooed over his heart.
23. I am loyal.
24. I am loving.
25. I value honesty in my spouse more then anything else.
26. I have enjoyed horsebackriding, since I was a teenager.
27. I can be a bit melodramatic. (OK, a lot!)
28. I smoke. (hate it! need, and will quit, hopefully soon)
29. I am very protective of my friends.
30. Can be scatterbrained at times.
31. PAIN makes me moody.
32. Debt, makes me crazy!
33. I bought my house, after my 2nd divorce, all by myself.
34. I'm proud of that fact.
35. Switched to Business office work when I moved to AZ.
36. Was layed off work, twice by the same company in a 3 yr period. (small, struggling company)
37. I am 5'10" tall.
38. Had all of my height, by the 6th grade.
39. Modeled for 2 yrs in H.S. (local stuff)
40. I was in a county beauty pageant. (top 10 finalist; dropped out before the crowning)
41. Always regretted that.
42. I wrote poetry in H.S. (loads of it, it all stunk!)
43. I worked at managing various retail clothing stores for a decade.
44. Loved it! But the pay was crap!
45. Dropped out of pageant, to take mgmt. postion at Foxmoor's Clothing.
46. Was married to a wife beater for 2 yrs. (Got the hell outta that!)
47. Love my kids with everything in me!
48. I have joint custody with their father. (7 on, 7 off.)
49. Feel guilty, for enjoying my time alone with my husband. (the 7 off)
50. Love any excuse for a party! ANY!
51. Love to gamble. (Laughlin NV on the Colorado river)
52. I can be hypocritical. (not on purpose though)
53. Tend to learn by mistakes, not by others' experiences.
54. Used to be a night owl. (swingshift at the hospital)
55. Love getting up early now. And going to bed early.
53. Believe everyone would benefit from counseling.
54. Read dime store self help psycho babble books. (Does anyone remember, "I'm OK, You're OK?")
55. I have a raunchy sense of humor at times. (ie; dirty jokes, pics. etc.)
56. Grew up on dime store self help psycho babble books. (Does anyone remember T.A. for Tots?")
57. My motto is, anything for a laugh! (No subject is taboo)
58. This conflicts at times with the fact, that I AM a Christian.
59. I love good sex!
60. That's gotten me into some trouble a time or two. or three......
61. I don't much care for Religion. or people who feel the need to act religous.
62. Love a good religous discussion though. (I think that would be debate)
62. I pray several times a day. (I need it!)
63. My husband and I pray together every morning.
64. My kids and I pray together on the way into school every morning.
65. I don't like pompous asses, who think their degrees make them "more then" someone else.
66. Or think it makes them more intellegent then others.
67. I don't like pompous asses, who think their money makes them better then others.
68. I pray everyday, that my kids will go to college and get the degrees.
69. I want more choices for my kids, then I had. (Doesn't every generation?)
70. I am extremely generous.
71. I am a touchy, feely, huggy person.
72. I can be extremly territorial about my spouse.
73. OK, I can be very jealous where my spouse is concerned.
74. I once invited one of my spouses EX g/f's to one of my girls nite out, so I would know where SHE was. (She did have a fatal attraction thing going on about him)
75. My fave sunday : Mimosa's, eggs benedict, and a few good movies.
76. I love playing cards; cribbage & pinochle.
77. Would love to learn Hearts.
78. Fave vacation: pay per view, room service. Anywhere, any 4 star hotel.
79. I have received lap dances in a strip club.
80. I always have good intentions, but my follow thru can be a little weak.
81. If I love you, I want what you want for your life.
82. I am unafraid of saying I love you. Even in the face of rejection.
83. I always let my friends, family, and spouse know I love them.
84. I have cheated on, and been cheated on.
85. I never want to be on either end again.
86. My parents are still together, after 42 years of marraige.
87. My parents, are each others' best friend.
88. My parents are still in love.
89. I have a younger sister, and younger brother.
90. They all live in WA
91. I'm still friends w/ex hubby #2 (kids' father)
92. I believe, live and let live.
93. Judge not, lest ye be judged.
94. I screw up on that sometimes though.
95. I have blue green eyes. more so blue or green depending on what I wear.
96. I am a brunette.
97. I am addicted to clothes and shoes. I have way more then I need of both.
98. I love the desert, and the sun.
99. I have had enough of rainy WA, to last a lifetime.
100. I LOVE coffee.

I made it!!! Man, that was a little tougher then I thought. I am going to go nurse my wounds now. And try to enjoy the sun. It's 82 degrees today, and I am going to work on the 2005 tan, if I can lay that long.


  • dammit, everybody seems to be having an easy time with knocked it ourt real quick, so did brat, and i the only one that finds this difficult???

    By Blogger ak, at 8:44 AM  

  • Well, you will get it AK! Can't way to see the "List"

    By Blogger Brat, at 5:52 PM  

  • If you want help with your blog, post your e-mail or Instant Messenger Screen Name and I will help you.

    By Blogger Brat, at 5:53 PM  

  • Hey Brat,

    That would be great! And I mean it. You and G-man can use my swimming pool and jacuzzi for a little skinny dipping when you get back to the SW. Right now, I am dealing with some medical problems, that has my brain muddled, and my body in pain, especially if I sit too long at the computer. (Bulged disc that has my left side in excruciating pain, and my left had pretty much useless right now. My e-mail is
    if you wanna add me to MSN instant messinger, I'll add you then. I don't think my mental capacities are sharp enough at the moment to attempt anything I might need to think thru right now. Hopefully next week! And I really do appreciate the offer, and am looking forward to it!:-)

    By Blogger 3rd Times a Charm, at 9:31 AM  

  • I think my husband would love to meet you LOL seriously, this was great, I love learning about people, especially when I'm already interested in them anyhow :o) We have stuff in common,.... except the lap dance part,... I'm not brave enough LOL I'll have to attempt one of these on my blog sometime.

    By Blogger Sis, at 2:56 PM  

  • Hey Sis! It was fun writing this. I encourage you to do one. Once you start thinking things will just roll outta you. And, I would enjoy reading yours! :-)

    By Blogger 3rd Times a Charm, at 8:46 AM  

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