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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Are they making Dr.'s younger or am I getting? nevermind.

I had my first epidural cortisone injection on Friday morning. They said it would take approximately 24 hours for me to notice a difference. And I DID notice a difference. After the continous pain of the last 3 weeks or so (the days kinda ran together) I was euphoric! The level of pain has dropped dramatically! I was astounded! Excited! Happy! Cautious. I don't want to ever be in that much pain again! Next shot is scheduled in two weeks. And I should start physical therapy sometime after that.

I want to thank my homegirls Jackie and Jenny, for coming to visit me when I got back on friday. It was wonderful to just hang out and chat for a while. The roses too were gorgeous! I do thank God for having such a wonderful, supportive group of friends. You girls are abso-f_cking-lutely the BEST!

I have to admit though, when I went to get that procedure done I was down right child-like afraid! It was scary, laying on my stomache, awake, in a surgery room, with oxygen shoved in my nose, and an IV out one arm, and some weird thinga-majiggy stuck to my finger (what I assume was reading my pulse?) And knowing they were coming at me, with needles to stick into my neck and back area. I have to admit to some petrified praying!

Prior to entering the intimidating surgical room, I was in the recovery/prep room, waiting to see my Knight in Shining Armour (aka; pain specialist, doctor extrordinaire) OK, actually my husband is my knght in shining armour, but this man was going to get me outta pain!! That rates pretty f-ing high! And I find this uncomfortable to admit, but he looks so YOUNG! Not necessarily Doogie Howser young. But geeze! It's hell when we start getting older, and these prefessionals who service our lives in one form or another look so damn young!

What was worse, is he was devastatingly handsome to boot! Here I am, feeling at my absolute worst, (and looking pretty much the same as that) and in walks tall dark and handsome. "Goodmorning Tamber, how are we feeling today?" Me: uhhhhhh, I've been a lot better......This "doctor" has the looks of a model! I am not exaggerating! (On ocassion, I can be prone to one from time to time) But this was not one of them. He was tan, with dark hair, deep set eyes, chiseled features, tall. And very warm eyes, that made me very warm. (I'm married, not dead!)

This was my second meeting with Dr. tall, dark and handsome, and I very MUCH wanted to put on the full set of make-up. But feeling like shit......well, and the fact that my husband scowled when I said maybe I ought to put some make-up on....he isn't blind either....and knew exactly what might motivate me to feel the need to look my best. I sighed and skipped it. But I made sure to put on that special outfit. (we all have one) You know the one that says comfortable casual, (and loose fitting, due to unfortunate procedure instructions) but soft, feminine, and EXPENSIVE. I don't own a lot of said outfits, cashmere sweaters don't really fit in to my lifestyle, and budget, but cha gotta have one! And I do, and I did.

Now this has nothing to do with wanting Dr. Gorgeous, and even thinking I could possibly turn his head. And I don't even want to. I have Mr. Perfect already, I married him. And I also find Mr. Perfect extremely handsome, sexy, magnetic, etc...What this has to do with, is, when one is confronted with such dynamic, intimidating, good looks, and one has to actually converse with said male specimen, one wants to possess every bit of confidence that one can muster up. And with women, we bring in the big guns! That special outfit, that maticulously applied make-up application, that says we know who we are, and we can be at ease with anyone anywhere. (yes, I realize that isn't true in every situation, but this is our self image on the line here) Or mine anyway. And it's bad enough I am in pain, and looking like death warmed over. In my case, all I could bring in was "the outfit" and I did. I am getting "older", and I am married, but I am far from dead, and I wanted that much to show. Dr. Gorgeous took me outta some pain, and is going to finish the job. At least I can be respectably, aesthetically pleasing. And I think I minimally pulled it off, minus the make-up. But, I do have another appt. in two weeks.....;-)


  • Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog today!!

    I love cats, have since I was 4, when I got my first baby :o)

    When hubby and I met/married, I had a black short haired persian (you dont mind if I ramble here do you?) and he was already fairly old,... set in his ways. He prefered outside vs inside, and one day he was just gone. Sigh. Merlin was a great kitty. We had a dog, we've had 2 dogs, so no, I'm not anti dog :o) We just need a SMALL dog,.... 4 kids and 4 cats doesn't leave much room for a big dog.

    I have Strider - red white persian, hubby bought him for me as an Anniversary present, and the breeder gave us Surprise she is a shaded silver persian. I do love my persians. This past summer though, hubby who btw isn't a major cat lover, in fact, he really didn't like cats at all till he met Merlin LOL He rescued Skipper, he was a stray kitten, very skinny it was pathetic really, HE brought him inside and let him eat :o) He's been with us ever since.... he's a mutt for sure LOL Then Sheeba, she showed up right before Christmas on a cold rainy night. I felt terrible for her, so he said "if you feel that bad... bring her inside" Hey! dont have to tell me twice!! LOL

    I love your blog, I need to read more, so I will be back :o) Going to link you tomorrow!!!

    By Blogger Sis, at 7:05 PM  

  • Hey Sis!
    Ha! I love that. Great name! You can chat away anytime! You're a cat lover! afterall. I don't know how you do it! 4 cats, and 4 kids! And I love the irony of the husband not really being a cat person! My husband HATED cats, before he met our baby Smoky! And now he refers to himself as daddy, and talks baby talk to him, and doesn't like to go to bed w/o smoky on our bed at night.And, HE cleans his cat box! If his co-workers knew they wouldn't believe it!
    I don't think I could handle the attention necessary for 4 kitty's and 4 kids fulltime. My hat's off to you! Although part of me would love just one more kitty. I don't think after all these years Smokly would handle it very well, and I don't want to traumatize him, or hubby. (sigh)
    I very much enjoy reading your blog sis! And will put your blog in my postings. I still haven't figured out how to paste a Favorites into my template, so I am reduced to mentioning my faves often in posts. I am trying to learn from the CD-ROM learning blogger, but that only makes me realize just how computer illiterate I am thus far!
    I may try and find a techie I know, and bribe him with a small gratuity to help me here in the future. You are already in my computers favorites list! Thus far, other then a few 20-somthing mommy's with excellent blogs! I haven't found any interesting 30-somthing married mom's that I enjoy reading regularly. Before now! I love you blog! And feel a kinship in our blogging. (Most of the rest of my favorite blogs seem to be young singles, maybe it's just coincidence that it worked out that way.)
    It just dawned on me, that I shoulda posted this comment on YOUR blog, I hope you see this! Will be readin more of your past posts today!:-)

    By Blogger 3rd Times a Charm, at 7:54 AM  

  • Hey there! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. I love getting new readers! And, thank you for the kind words.

    Should you return to my blog and find that the posting has become slim (slimmer), fear not, for I am simply busy moving to Arizona and attempting to injure myself in such a manner that would warrant a visit to Dr. Gorgeous.


    By Blogger zam, at 12:38 PM  

  • :-) Did I mention how funny you are?! You're great! And I will be watching for the new posts.

    By Blogger 3rd Times a Charm, at 11:07 PM  

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