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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cat Tired! (Means dog-tired, but I'm a cat person)

The day has left me drained. I am sitting here writing, even though 30 seconds ago, I had decided NOT to post tonight. This was much easier to do, back when everyone took over my responsibilites, and let me sleep in, in the morning. I have been getting up at 5:00 AM again, making lunches, reading the paper, getting the kids ready for school, and then chaufferring them around, off and on thru out the day. As well as planning and preparing dinner, and just barely trying to keep ahead of the clutter, that is part of living with children. Major culture shock!

I am going to have to find a way to cut back on time I am surfing blogs, to fit in actually posting, before it's well after 11:00 and I am too damn tired to think straight, let alone type somthing up with decent grammar, and sentence structure. I am a slow methodical thinker, so I haven't figured out how to rearrange my schedule, to where I won't end up getting into trouble for neglecting my duties. But I will, eventually.

My daughter's concert was sweet. I was very proud watching her up in front of the auditorium, singing her little heart out. We were a few minutes late, by the time the hubby got home, and had his unwind drink, and getting Riley ready to go, all the while he is bitching about how boring it's going to be.

Secretly, I was agreeing with him. It was going to be another night, where our school night routine was thrown off. I don't like that. Or I don't like the chaos it causes. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself getting all sentimental watching Tayler sing. Especially, just walking into the auditorium, I had my panties all in a bunch over Kevin's lack of taste.

First, before I rant on one of my pet peeves, I want to say, he is the most wonderful man I have ever known in my life. (Husband) He buys me flowers almost every week. He is even tempered, and very patient with me. If I don't feel like cooking, even after I planned out dinner, he is the first to suggest, why don't I just pick somthing up on the way home? Even though, HE is the one who worked all day at a job outside the home.

Kevin also cooks a great deal. And I don't think I have actually been THE ONE who scrubbed tile floors (I do touch ups every other day, or try to) this whole last year. HE DOES IT. I would say, he does the bulk of the laundry around here as well. And he does these things with a smile on his face. He loves it when I suggest we go out. And is totally content, to just stay home and vegetate. I am more of a homebody, I really love just being here with him. He IS my best friend. And he laughs at my jokes. (I'm not funny. I know this. And yes, I keep trying to be.)

He has never scoffed at, or got upset at, any of the clothes he sees coming thru the mail order. And there has been a lot! He loves to take mini-vacations, and if I say, hey we have the money, and I need somthing to look forward to, he's on the phone making the reservations. Every year, we go to the Tempe Governors Ball, and for the last 3 years, he has bought me a new formal. He agrees with me, that I can't wear the same one...the same people are there, they might notice. This years dress, was a whopping $240.00 (I know, it's tacky putting out prices, but it's the impact of his generosity) He comes with me to shop for it, and actually helps me hunt for the perfect dress. And heartily agreed, that THIS WAS THE ONE!

During the "kid week" he helps me every night, with the homework load. In fact, he takes the high maintenance child, and lets me spend time with my daughter one on one. Tayler is shy, and unless I get her alone, and just hang with her, she would not talk much. This time with her is vital to me. And he fights with Satans Spawn, to get the homework completed while I enjoy my daughter's company. And does so, cheerfully.

This man, is the epitome of romantic. Since we had commited to one another (dating) I have received an e-mail every single day that he works. I should say, a love letter. Always finding new ways to express his love and appreciation for me. I have 3 books of these letters he has printed out and made book folders and gave to me on Christmas or my birthday. Titled "Letters to the woman I love." My e-mail is overflowing with ones not printed out yet. I look forward to these letters everyday, when I sign on after getting the kids off to school.

When he walks thru the front door, after a hard day at the office, all I see on his face, is joy. And happiness, as he expresses how happy he is to be home with me. The latest act, that has floored me, was telling me, that if I didn't want to get a job and go back to work, well I don't have to. He wants me to do somthing that will make me happy. Whether that is get a part time job, take a few classes, whatever I want. (I like the extra spending money, so I will be searching for a part time job.)

When I am sad, or neurotic, or just plain old fashioned PMS'ed, he looks for ways to cheer me up. This man, in my opinion, is too good to be true. And he has committed himself to me, and the kids 100%. And the icing on the cake? He can eat pussy better then any man I have ever met! And does so, often, and consistently. (All right, it is the other way around, THIS is actually WHY I married him.) The rest, is the icing on the cake. I also think he has excellent taste, and style.

Now that I have set the gound work, and let all know just how much I appreciate and love this one of a kind man...I have to vent about one of the few pet peeves, that actually shocks me, under the circumstances. This man is one of the most caring, giving, loving just doesn't make sense to me.

So, we pull into the the High School parking lot, more then just a couple minutes late for Tayler's concert. Of course the parking lot is full. Except; for the 8 handicapped parking spaces. I kinda put this sin up there with, oh murder! Stealing! Hit and just DON'T do it! I am automatically humiliated, embarassed, and angry. This is just the lowest of inconsideration in my book. They ticket people for this. They have done undercover news stories on the scum who would take one of these spots! and the "scum" is MY HUSBAND.

I am mortified, that he would have so little compassion, and consideration, and dare I say it, arrogance? This isn't the man I know. The man I know, would sacrifice absolutely anything for me. And for my kids. The man I know, gives to charities, generously. The man I know, goes to charity functions, and has compassion, for the working poor, the homeless, battered women and children, and rape vicitms. How can such a giving, caring, loving man, have so little regard for these special spots, set asside for the handicapped?

Granted, and he did point this out this evening, we were late, everyone who was going to be at the concert, were already there. And there were many handicapped spots left. But in my mind, this isn't the point. It's the principle of the thing! Black and white. No gray areas here. Rules are rules, and you follow them. You don't question them, or justify breaking those rules. You just follow them.

So, when we entered her concert late. And then he parked us in the handicapped spot, I was more then a little flustered. I don't get it. And I never will. And, this is NOT the first time he has done this. We have the same discussion about it, everytime he does it. Most of the time, I can talk him in to moving. But not everytime.

I, to my shame, will actually try to shame him into moving. He just chuckles. And gives me his unjustifiable justification for his actions.

But in the end, I was able to put it aside, and just enjoy my daughter's performance. Which brings me to yet another disturbing thing he does, that actually I wouldn't mind doing, but am so embarassed, that without his lead, I would not. This was 6 different school choirs perfoming. But when Tayler's was done, and she was seated with her group back in the audience, he went and fetched her, and we left. So, we got there late, parked in a no parking spot, and then got up and rudely left, before all the performers were done. (It did save me the embarssment, of anyone seeing our completley healthy family barrel in to the car parked in the handicapped spot.)

Such a total contradiction with who he is with us. And when it comes to things like this...a different man. I haven't figured him out completely, but I'm sure somewhere out there, there is a dime store, self help, psycho babble book just waiting to be read, on this very topic.

P - T - Q

Lord, grant us greater understanding and patience in differences amoung famly, friends, and nations.

"Be nice to people on your way up. They're the same people you'll pass on the way down. -Jimmy Durante (1893-1980)

What's the point living in the past if you've got to pay today's prices?


  • What a night huh?? Glad that the concert went well though!! Was this a solo thing?? Just curious since you said she was a shy girl. As for pet peeves... I dont have many, but I do hate when I hang up two fresh towels on the bar His and Hers... and mine always seems to end up in the bedroom. Along with like 3 other towels LOL Oh well... guess I can't complain,.... I take em and wash em and then he complains that there aren't any towels! LOL

    By Blogger Sis, at 1:44 PM  

  • No sis, she didn't have a solo per say. She had a little dance routine, with 7 other students, and only snag as a part of the choir. Actually, niether side of her family can even carry a tune. And I honestly don't think she is too far off from that. But she has enjoyed the experience. This will be her last year in choir. She is also taking violin in orchestra. That, she is going to continue with.
    I think your pet peeve is a legitimate complaint. And how I see it, as THIS is the place I will dump my complaints...relieves stress, and allows me more time with him, for the good stuff. Not my everyday irritations. So I will be adding to my list of pet peeves. This is my spot, to let it all hang out! ;-)

    By Blogger 3rd Times a Charm, at 10:01 AM  

  • I think that's great that she got involved with choir,... I was a terribly shy kid growing up too, and to be on any stage alone or with others, made me want to wet my pants! Taking up the violin, I really wish I had done that in school. Oh to turn back the clock!! I really agree, about the "letting it all hang out" part :o) It's rather refreshing isn't it???

    By Blogger Sis, at 11:52 AM  

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