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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Miscellaneous Moments

I learned somthing this week-end, in the down time spent with the hubby. What I learned is, don't play scrabble with an English major, or you will get your ass completely kicked. I did, and I did. It was very enlightening too, though. I learnedwhat a small and insignificant grasp I have on the English language. I was challenging HIS words left and right. Why? Because I have never heard of half the shit he pulled on that scrabble board! We couldn't find the authentic Scrabble Dictionary, so we were running back and forth to the computer, to check out his words. I was a little shocked to realize just how much my husband knew, that I had no clue about it. Like I never realized there were so many 2 letter words. That I wouldn't have even considered words. So finally he just printed out 3 sheets of them for me to cheat off of. And still he won 3 outta 4 games. He also helped me several times when I would lay down a word, proud that I had even managed to FIND one, and he would say move it here, it doubles your points....this happened a half dozen times or so. So even my one measley win, I couldn't get to excited about, certainly not enough for me to do the "in your face" victory dance, that usually the smallest of wins would have me on my feet performing.

What this little game session did do, was provide an opprotunity for the two of us to just relax, and be together. And somthing about bringing out a board game, made us sentimental about life when we were younger. And when things were simpler. So in a very real sense, we both found it therapeutic.

This was definitely a highlight of the week-end alone. We also did a shopping trip to the mall. Where I helped him pick out 4 dress shirts and two new ties. I actually got him to buy a pink dress shirt, with a tie that had some pink in it, with grey. We both unfortunately get a real thrill outta shopping. This could be dangerous, and has been on ocassion. But we both were feeling kinda beat up from the week, so this too was therapeutic. Due to the back injury, and a minor setback after said activity, sex has been OFF of the menu now for almost a month. (ya, I know, that explains the board game that hasn't been taken out of the box in YEARS.)

We have had to search for other ways to connect, until my back is back to normal. I think this has made us both a tad on edge. Me, more so than him. (in my opinion) Before we brought out the board game, we had a disaggreement going, on who missed it more. I won on a technicality. Beeing 41, biologically, I'm in my sexual prime. His had passed according to science a good 38 years ago. Although he did argue, that because the injury was mine, I was in no shape to be missing it anyway. And this is when we knew we needed to find somthing to play toegether, other then fighting over the non existent sex.

We did test out the waters last night, and with not too much pain, this morning. Although we do not intend to tempt fate too much, until after Friday's appt. In one way, this has been good for us. Well, maybe just me. I didn't realize just how much it means to me, until I was unable to. And on the week that we do not have the kids, well that is usually the unspoken date nights. And even putting aside the obvious, the natural pleasure of doing so. The connection that I feel with my husband, when we make is somthing that prior to him I never really knew. And now I know, I don't want to lose it! (New motivation for working hard in physical therapy)

The kids came back Sunday night. Which after usually a week without them, ends up being a little bit of culture shock. Probably for them, as much as us. So we're back into full swing of, "kids week." Starting with a hectic monday to say the least. My kids showed up Sunday night with Valentines cards and gifts for me. So I grinned and beared it; knowing that monday while they were in school, I was going to have to venture out, and reciprocate.

I had to do dreaded Valentines Day shopping, at the last minute, and against my will. This went against all of my personal beliefs. But the one thing that can do that, is kids. I could not disappoint them, and accept their gifts of love, and not give them "gifts of love." bleh

So monday night was a chaotic circus, of getting dinner on, and homework done, and V-day gift giving, and running to drop Tayler off at Girlscouts, after hunting down her Girl Scout Cookie sheet to turn in. By the way, anyone wanna buy some Girl Scout Cookies? (I hate this time of year, the list just goes on and on) I think little girls should not be out on the streets peddling cookies in this day and age. Because of this belief, I usually end up stuck with a good 20 boxes of those cookies, that I used to enjoy. I still have 4 or 5 in the pantry left over from last year. I couldn't give those damn things away! (which reminds me, clean out pantry, dump cookies, to make room for new cookies)

And when all was said and done, Riley lost his first molar. We made a big deal outta that, with the lets put the tooth in a cup of water on your nightstand for the toothfairy bit. She will bring you money!!! WEEEE! I have been known to forget the tooth on the nightstand, and then have to make up a phone call to the tooth fairy bitching her out, for not showing up and disappointing my child. But I was proud of myself, I remembered this time.

I very quietly took the cup with that digusting little tooth in it, and replaced it with a 5 dollar bill. (Hey, it was all I had. no singles...) I thought this would work well for waking him up in the morning. Riley would normally want to sleep in. So getting an angry child outta bed, to go to school (which he doesn't like) is not an easy task. And there has been many a war over it. But now I had the tooth fairy excitement to distract him with. So I did see a bonus in this whole process. (I'm always looking for the two birds to kill with one stone)

Waking him up the next morning, with kisses and excitedly saying "It looks like the tooth fairy showed up last night!" did not turn out exactly as planned. His smug little comment (which he obviusly had gotten up in the night and seen it) was, " What kind of a parent gives there kid a 5 dollar bill for a tooth! Military school is lookin' better and better. Try as I might, I will never understand this high maintenance child. I no longer get hurt by his snide comments, not do I let them slide. But since they happen with some regularity around here, I have become rather calloused to their affect on me. I am trying to be the patient mother...but I have to admit, there are times I lift up a prayer, thanking God for joint custody. And this was one of those times. Unfortunately due to the Holiday on Monday, I get my little bundle of joy and extra night and day. (Its my turn)

My daughter Tayler, is her brothers opposite. She truly is a joy for the most part. And does her homework without having to even ask her to. She will wander into the kitchen, and do the dishes. And she is always gracious, in her dealings with me and her step father. I don't think I would do the 72 hour countdown, if little Riley were more like her. I know Riley is responsible for at least half of the grey hair I have.

Tayler did announce that she has a Choir concert Wed. night, and I need to have her there by 4:50 PM. And by the way mom, do you know where my black pants are? Just reciting all this is making me tired, and looking at tomorrow's " to do" list. Family life, has so many blessings, I just wish I had more energy, to enjoy all these blessings.


  • Man, I've so been there with the scrabble game. My Grandma and your hubby could have had a great time! She was the same way with the 2-3 letter words. One that has stuck in my head is Que, and if I remember right, it means Mother?? She had the scrabble dictionary.

    Hubby and I from time to time pull out a board game, Yahtzee is our usual :o) It's fun isn't it???

    We got our GS cookies last night, or at least for the first kid. I get the other boxes Thursday for the other kid LOL Mmmm THIN MINTS!!! Hubby did a great job takin the order form to work, got a lot of sales, and our oldest took her form to church and raked it in. Not bad....

    Hope your apt Friday goes well!! Can't imagine how awful that must be to be in such discomfort for so long.

    By Blogger Sis, at 5:17 AM  

  • Yahtzee! YES! We love that one too! Actually it is one we pull out to play w/the kids! The adding helps Riley was his math. And actually Riley has gotten more yahtzee's then anyone I;ve seen! The lil shit is lucky! ;-)
    Sounds like you guys did good with the cookie orders this year. Last year I made the mistake of pruchasing 100 boxes outright, to have Tayler sell. I really did end up with WAY too many left over. Went about it differently this year. And the extra's I end up with (which will be less) I'm just going to send to family in WA. I love the thin mints too. And the peanut butter patties hold a special spot in my heart.
    I hope the appt goes well too! I am sure it will. And the pain, actually has gotten much better since the first treatment. I think it's more fear of it getting bad again that's keeping me from returning to complete normal routines.
    I don't think I will be playing scrabble with him again too soon. Not ready to be beat so badly, too soon again! That, and I wanna play catch up on some of our more carnal activities!;-)
    Hope your's is a good day today Sis!

    By Blogger 3rd Times a Charm, at 9:13 AM  

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