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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bitchatude Answers the Call for Meme!!!

And does it with finesse, humor, style and brains! And her answers are fantastic and show that she is an interesting and fun person. To read a completely engaging blog, that has all of the above, all need to go to otherwise known as Bitchatude.

She lives in the gloriously beautiful state of Hawaii. Which is fitting, as she also happens to be beautiful! Bitchatude is open, and honest in her posts. Shares what she is struggling with, and sees the humor in it.

Highly intellegent, she tells us what she is studying in college, and appeals to her readers on various projects she is working on as well. The photo's she takes, and shares on her site, are professional in quality, and are winning awards as well.

Bitchatude at falls under several categories of what type of blog it is. She is a mother, who talks about her kids and some of the struggles of being mom. Which puts her in the "mom blog" category.

Bitchatude is a student in college, which puts her in the "College blog" category. She shares about her relationship with DB at which would appeal to those of us who write about our husbands/boyfriends and relationships. As well as the interesting things they do together.

Bitchatude is involved in the Malicious Bitch Club a.k.a. MBC at as is DB who is President at Malicious Bitch, one of the lone males on board at MBC. Which I believe makes them a very interesting, and intriguing couple. This also puts Bitchatude in the Shameless Proud Bitch category. When she has a bitch to communicate, she does so with style, and with humor. So then add humorous to one of her categories.

Bitchatude's site will appeal to a humungous range of readers, regardless of what type of blogs appeal to you.

In conclusion, Bitchatude answered my requests for a meme, which sends most bloggers scattering in other directions. This also makes her compassionate! ;-) Thank you Btude! And by answering the meme, I got to know more interesting, fun things about her! (it really is a good meme)

So go check out Bitchatude's answers to the meme, and learn more about her. Feel free to answer them on your own blog, let me know, and I'll study your blog, like it was my homework assignment, and send those who read my site over to learn about you!

This meme, for me, came from Bitchalicious'es site
For more generational information on this meme, go to her site! (Another righteous bitch!;-)

Have a great day! And once again, thank you Bitchatude for answering my pleas;-)


  • Awwww, I think I'm going to blush! Thanks 3T. I managed to coax DB into completing it, but it could be days before he does it ;)

    Your kind and generous words are so sweet! I hope your meme picks up a few new generations, and just maybe a few of my other readers will pick it up :)

    By Blogger BTude a.k.a. GlassHoppah, at 11:45 AM  

  • You write a great blog review!

    I went and saw Bitchitude - liked what I saw - and now I have another blog to read! (Not that I was running low on blogs to read - but I can't pass up a good one like hers (or yours!)

    Have a fine day 3T!

    By Blogger Monkey, at 12:58 PM  

  • That was a great post on B'tude as she's one of my favorites, too (and I also hail from HI). She's even sweeter in-person.

    aka April Fool

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:04 PM  

  • 3T-

    You always have such sweet things to say about everyone you come in contact with...what a great quality to have! After that rave review of Bitchitude's could I not go over and take a peek!

    By Anonymous Sassy, at 2:39 PM  

  • Now that's a glowing review. Critics take heed.

    By Blogger Jay, at 4:35 AM  

  • Bitchatude~
    Even if no one else picks it up, YOU did! :-) I'm happy.
    My words may seem kind and generous, but they are in fact sincere. You have a great site, that I always check. You were also one of the first people to acknowledge me when I started blogging, which makes you a kind person. And I gravitate towards women who are willing to allow for the bitch in them to be. Those who seem to be devoid of bitchiness come off as in denial, or phony. You're great!

    Thank you! And thank you for commenting. You are at the top of the heap of fantastic weblogs! My laugh of the day;-)

    We just have great taste in our reading choices! Thank you for comenting!

    Another one I look forward to reading. You're a talented writer, with very interesting and fun experiences. (Some not so great experience wise, but definitely INTERESTING reading.)
    I'm not necessarily always positive on everyone's blog. (in comments, yes) Ones I don't care for, I don't go back to, or comment on. It's all about people's personal preferences. The ones I love, I comment on, and/or review. I would never want to "down" someone's blog, due to my tastes. I just don't have to go back. (The whole freedom of speech thing) What I don't care for, someone else may love.
    As I use mine part of the time as a journal, I wouldn't want people who didn't care for it, to try and shame me, anymore then I would do so. This was a verbose way of saying live and let live, or write and let write. It's part of the fun, of this hobby.
    PS. I will be watching for your next installment!;-)

    Thanks for acknowledging that! Bitchatude is definitely on my favorite list. As your is. always love your posts. And never know what to expect. You're an awsome writer Jay.
    And on the "critiques take heed." You hit it on the head. The only time I have ever ripped into someone from a blog, is if they go to one of my favorites site, and try and shame them in one form or another. It's just not called for. Unless a blogger asks for opinions, which is totally different, or is just giving friendly banter, trolling to place negative comments does not belong in the comments. Let them put their shit in their own blog. Where like minded trolls can gather.:-)

    By Blogger 3rd Times a Charm, at 10:03 AM  

  • thanks for the recommendation. between bitchalicious and bitchitude, it's now easier to get my daily fix of bitch ;)

    By Blogger ducklet, at 7:16 PM  

  • 3T--Priss has damned us...go see her ASAP!

    By Blogger BTude a.k.a. GlassHoppah, at 9:45 PM  

  • Allow me to reiterate: damn you both! lol. ;) I got sucked in! What's the world coming to?

    By Blogger Wench, at 7:48 AM  

  • 3T--Priss has damned us and DB was so into finishing his version he wasn't hearing a word I said!

    His is over on his Corporate Crap blog! lol

    By Blogger BTude a.k.a. GlassHoppah, at 1:45 PM  

  • LOL... fine, I guessw we're all damned rofl

    P.S. My Corporate Crap blog is probably the one you want to look at. Other one is more philosophical stuff... cleaner, lol


    By Anonymous D Brooks, at 3:32 PM  

  • Brando~
    My pleasure! Everyone needs a daily fix of bitch. And I'm honored to have been of service. Thank you for visiting!

    We are damned indeed!;-)Let's hope my review of Priss's House of Crap, helps repair any damage.

    Into everyone's life a little Meme must fall. My deepest apologies, that you were sucked in. (But I have no regrets;-)

    Yep! It seems we are all damned! Like a rolling snowball headed downhill. It's gettin' bigger and bigger....YAAAAAA!

    You have filled out the bestest of the best Meme's. And now I get to review your Corporate Crap weblog!
    I thank you for being sucked into the game! ;-)

    By Blogger 3rd Times a Charm, at 4:34 PM  

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