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Monday, April 25, 2005

If I could be: MEME TIME AGAIN!!!!

I have been officially tagged for this little meme! But at least this one isn't the bestest of the bestest longest meme out there!;-) I was tagged by Jade at Jaded Sunburns
Although it would be one of the best of the bestest, and deserves an "A" for originality.

Here's what I copied from Jade's site, and my answers are below it. As well as the three people I plan on tagging!!! Who's the lucky bloggers???? hehehehe And if I tag you, you have to play! Or else you'll make me cry! ;-)

I’ve been officially tagged! This little meme comes to you from Diane over at Ya Know?
The idea is to pick 5 and complete the sentances, then pass this little meme on to 3 more of your blog pals!
If I could be a scientist…If I could be a farmer…If I could be a musician…If I could be a doctor…If I could be a painter…If I could be a gardener…If I could be a missionary…If I could be a chef…If I could be an architect…If I could be a linguist…If I could be a psychologist…If I could be a librarian…If I could be an athlete…If I could be a lawyer…If I could be an inn-keeper…If I could be a professor…If I could be a writer…If I could be a llama-rider…If I could be a bonnie pirate…If I could be an astronaut…If I could be a world famous blogger…If I could be a justice on any one court in the world…If I could be married to any current famous political figure…
Here are my answers!

If I could be a lawyer : I would do 20% pro bono work helping battered women obtain their Protection orders and divorces. For free unless I could nail the bastard for HER lawyer fees!

If I could be a musician : I would make beautiful music, until I either died of AIDS or Hep. C. due to all the gorgeous people throwing themselves at me, and offerring me drugs. (Eh. Maybe not, maybe I would overcome the temptations... LOL)

If I could be a writer : All would be well with my world. I would like what I was doing, and take great joy outta seeing a part of me preserved in book form. And of course 10% of all book proceeds would go to legal defense of battered women seeking to rid themsleves of an abusive husband. Or a battered man, seeking the same. (I know it happens)

If I could be an Athlete : I would choose tennis as my sport. And be a celebrity advocate and spokeswoman for Domestic Violence shelters.

If I could be a psychologist : Physician heal thyself! ah, just kidding! Sort of. At any rate, again I would try and reach battered women, working a day a week, counseling those that came to my local shelter.

That was completely painless, and FUN. F U N FUN! So now, it is my turn to tag three people! This is going to be a little more difficult then filling out the meme! I have to take into consideration WHO would actually acknowledge me, and not ignore my request like a fly around a pile of shit. Then again, also having to consider that some of my readers don't visit everyday, and may not see it....hmmmm

OK, don't scream at me Priss! ;-) But I choose
And let's see, how bout Sassy!
And my good buddy Rich!

I woulda choose DB at Corporate Crap and Other Dubious Wisdom, but I figured the beautiful Bitchatude who was tagged right along with me, would tag her (SO) significant and very handsome other. ;-) So if she doesn't tag him it's up to one of you three!

Now Sassy, Rich, and Priss PLEASE play, so as not to publicly humiliate me, by not playing???


  • Great answers never cease to amaze me!

    I'm honored that you chose me as one of the three and of course I will complete the meme! However it will be hard doing so in comparison to yours! With these actually have to answer with somewhat DEEP responses...that will be somewhat difficult for a shallow person like myself. *grins* So expect the typical sarcastic retorts!

    By Anonymous Sassy, at 6:25 PM  

  • I am utterly impressed with your answers! See, I took Sassy's route with the sarcastic remarks! LOL

    Thanks for playing darlin'! ;-)

    By Blogger Jade, at 7:41 PM  

  • Oh Maaaaannnn.... damn I hate these things. Now B'Tude sure as hell is gonna con me into another one, and IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! Here I am just trying to remain quiet and unassuming, and I gotta splash my unobtrusive innanities all over the BlogaSphere shamelessly!

    I won't be held responsible for the outcome, rofl


    By Anonymous D Brooks, at 9:14 PM  

  • GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

    By Blogger Wench, at 9:22 PM  

  • Ignore my previous comment... well...most of it.

    Jade's the culprit...but you helped, lol


    By Anonymous D Brooks, at 11:23 PM  

  • Sassy~
    Thanks! These were fairly easy. And I'm looking forward to your sarcasm! My motto: Anything for a laugh. Anything. Nothing is taboo.

    :-) You're very welcome Jade! And like I said to Sassy, sarcasm is good. We like sarcasm. :-)

    I woulda taken the heat. But I don't mind being in the dog house WITH Jade! She's FUN! And of couse we will be watching for your briliant responses as well. :-)

    Sorry.....don't hurt me.... but I already read your answers and they were funny!:-) Which will only serve to make you a target in future Meme's. ;-)

    By Blogger 3rd Times a Charm, at 11:39 PM  

  • I love your athlete idea about using your celebrity for a good cause.

    I see a theme throughout your wish list, and I must say that I'm glad that things seem to be better for you and that your third time was, indeed, a charm.

    By Blogger Becky, at 11:59 PM  

  • Well sure as snot, I got suckered into another one... can you here me baa? BAA BAA. :)

    Seriously though 3T, your answers rocked. I've done alot of work with non-profits, but you shame me with your goals! You should really share more with us someday, huh?

    On the PS side--BECKY! It's your turn to flip over a lamb chop!

    And DB, don't give me no unassuming crap or feed it to these nice people--after your Cor-politico-porn job the other day--unassuming ain't the word we'd use ;)

    By Blogger BTude a.k.a. GlassHoppah, at 1:59 AM  

  • I didn't get tagged, but lifted it from you shamelessly. It looks like a lot of fun - and it was. You can view my answers on my blog. I thought your answers were great and I'm about to go nose around on the blogs of your tagged people to see what they wrote.

    By Anonymous Che, at 8:47 AM  

  • Thank you Becky!:-) I will be heading over to see your answers, as I see you have been tagged by B'tude!

    Thank you! In all honesty, I have not worked with any shelters since moving to AZ. And I really should see what kind of help they may need here. These Women's support shelters are ALWAYS looking for volunteers to help. In many ways you wouldn't think of. Ah! Your right, this might well be fodder for a whole post of it's own. Although it will have to wait until I complete my list of reviews. Starting with Jades. (I keep my promises, it just takes a while sometimes. I'm still paying off reviews for the last meme completed) And B'tude, yes, I do remember DB's rather warm politico porn post the other day. Memorable it was!;-)

    You're a gem!! You volunteerily pick up a Meme. You know this means that Meme's will come outta the wood work your way. I read your answers, and they were fantastic! :-)

    By Blogger 3rd Times a Charm, at 9:27 AM  

  • Great answers indeed, my bride!
    This meme was better than the first. Kudos to its author. Kevin loves the fact he can read his beloved's memes without having to answer them!
    What impresses me the most, though, is that every one of these answers reflects my bride's big heart. I'd have been much more selfish...but then, that's why I call her My Better Half.
    I love you, 3T
    Kevin (hate that name, by the way. LOL)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:08 AM  

  • Sorry "KEVIN";-) You weren't around when I picked your pseudo name. But for the record, I'll say that Mr.3T has a wonderful name!
    I love you.

    By Blogger 3rd Times a Charm, at 11:12 AM  

  • All right mine is up... I didn't indicate that anyone should be meme'd.... is that bad?

    By Blogger Rich, at 2:08 PM  

  • Oh but Rich, ya gotta tag 3 LUCKY bloggers to carry on the Meme:-)

    Haven't checked it out yet, but I will as soon as I get back from the Parent/teacher/principal conference.

    And thank you ever so much for playing, and not ignoring me, leaving me to public humiliation!

    By Blogger 3rd Times a Charm, at 2:11 PM  

  • My mission has been completed....hopefully my responses amuse you as much as my last post...LOL!

    Oh yea...and I, unlike RICH, tagged three other people! heh

    By Anonymous Sassy, at 3:04 PM  

  • Good answers.

    Hope the appointment goes well and that you are less angry than in the previous post...hopefully some things are getting resolved and not getting worse!

    By Blogger Jay, at 3:52 PM  

  • It may not be the bestest meme, but it might be the longest -- I'm tracking everywhere this meme goes! It's been to over a thousand blogs already. See the details at -- just follow the link at the top left for the meme tracker!

    And thanks for playing!

    By Blogger Ogre, at 4:15 PM  

  • Just wanted to see how things went today... hope it went well.


    By Anonymous D Brooks, at 12:44 AM  

  • you're so giving! I'd do the same thing, but I'd give a lot of money to animal shelters. I'm a big supporter! And I think the same thing would happen to me if I were a musician!! So many hot men, so little time. ;)

    By Blogger Webmiztris, at 9:17 AM  

  • I was impressed by your responses to the questions. For 13 months I volunteered at a distress centre at which many abused women would seek help. After 13 months, I decided I needed to get step away or it would eventually make me ineffective as a counsellor.

    By Blogger G-Man, at 9:58 AM  

  • Sassy~
    Your answers are fantastic! And funny! Thanks for playing the meme game! And ya know, Rich still hasn't tagged anyone:-(

    Thank you! I had fun w/this meme, as I saw you did as well! Great indepth answers! Your Inn sounds like it would be the place to go!

    Yes, I went and checked out your tracking of your Meme. By the way, my hubby loved this meme, as stated in his Anon. comment! A lot of people have had fun w/this one!

    Sorry I didn't get back to the comments last night. I had a splitting migraine after the meeting, and between dinner, kids, kids bedtime routine, I didn't have a straight thought to type.
    I felt really good about the meeting! The principal doesn't want to hold back my son, but is going to use some special school resources to work on catching him up, and work more one on one with him. As my hubby and I got out of the meeting, the X was standing in the parking lot. (I didn't tell him about said meeting) It started to get a little ugly for a minute, but he backed down, as all 3 kids were there. He is still an idget, but I let him know that things will be changing, and that I will be making all desions regarding Riley's education. The school authorities are well aware of his inability to effectively "parent" Riley, and let me know they understood this, and will be working with me thru this process. At the moment, I am not going to seek any legal changes, as the X said he would abide with whatever I decided. And will not come over here and "hang out" during my week with them. Admitted this could be unhealthy and confusing for the kids. We'll see. And like you have said, changes and problems with the X's don't go away over night. and I need to learn to be more assertive about the way things will be. I know he loves his kids, although I don't agree with his methods of showing it. I also don't think I can count on him ever changing. I will be having the kids with me, even during HIS week with the kids while he works, which gives me the chance to assert my authority where it needs to be asserted. He then backed up what I told Riley (in front of me anyway) letting Riley know, that what I say regarding school work will be enforced. He also told Riley, that as far as getting him thru school, we (meaning him and I) would be working together to make sure he learns the discipline necessary for him to succeed.
    The last thing I want, is to start WW3 with him, and although I was extremely livid here in my blog(I think that may have kept me from starting a war)I was able to communicate rationally and assertively, when push came to shove. (not literally there)
    I thank you whole heartedly for your logical, and rational advice! If I could buy you a mocha lahte I would!;-)

    By Blogger 3rd Times a Charm, at 2:10 PM  

  • webmiztris~
    That's whats so great about everyone being individuals. We all have various different charities and social issues that are close to our hearts. And giving either monetarily, or thru volunteer hours, we make a difference on many different fronts.
    And yep! being a musician would be just far too much temptation!;-)

    I know exactly what you mean! You can end up burning out, and I did a couple of times, working at the shelter. Actually after Bitchatudes comment, I'm seriously considering seeing about volunteering at a shelter here in AZ. Even a few hours a month, I know is very apprreciated. Especially if everyone gave a few hours to assorted charities. I think it's good for our spirits to give! Thanks for commenting g-man!

    By Blogger 3rd Times a Charm, at 2:19 PM  

  • It sounds like you have the situation under control :) Sometimes a good rant helps, then you calm down and do what needs to be done... give the lahte to your hubby, he could probably use it and I'm sure he earned it :)


    By Anonymous D Brooks, at 2:52 PM  

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