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Thursday, April 07, 2005

This Sucks

Revenue Department spokesman Steve Kniley says, at the end of August somechanges will be made to pep up Powerball sales:"Powerball will now have the largest opening jackpot in American lotteryhistory, at $15 million. And the jackpots will also increase faster.They’ll increase in at least five-million-dollar increments."And, of course, it will also be harder to win the big jackpot. As of lateAugust, two white ball numbers will be added, with players picking fivefrom a pool of 55. The pool of Powerball numbers will not change.The changes will diminish the odds of winning the big jackpot from about 1in 120 million, to about 1 in 417 million.Get headline news all day on Arizona's Home Page,

OK, maybe the chances of winning to begin with were tantamount to a snowballs chance of survival in Hell. But it is always out there, sitting there, just waiting to be won. By me? Possibly, I've always bought tickets. Ya never know, someone eventually wins. But now, they are going to take our minuscule chances, and it make it almost triple the times harder to win.

This really does interfere with my get rich fantasy. Bastards!


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